Japan Bead Art Creators


This is the web site of Japanses Bead Artists.

The Japanses Bead Artists on this web site are all have won prises at major Bead Competitions in Japan or their bead books are published or well known or much more...!

We are ready to exhibit and sell our works
to all over the world!.

If you are interested in our works,
Please email at info@jbac.net


Japan Bead Art Creators_Japanses Bead artists and craftmen and Jewelry designers. 
Japanese Bead Art Creators (Artists)

Chikako Kurata    Keiko Matsubayashi    Akihiro Ookama     Yuko Shiba
RikiSono     Yoshiko Unai     Takae Yanagi     
(names in alphabetical order)

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